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About Rabbit in the Hole

It’s not just a piece of clothing, it’s about bringing out the wonder in every child 


The first time you put on a mitten over your baby's tiny fingers, pull a onesie over their soft heads, wrap a swaddle around them for warmth… These are the special moments when your baby and children feel loved, protected and secure, and moments that you want to remember forever.



At Rabbitinthehole, we believe that every child deserves a delightful growing experience


Just like little rabbits who often dig holes and hide inside them for comfort and shelter, we want to create a clothing experience  where children feel most safe and free.


Quality and comfort are our top priorities


We do so by providing clothing that not only ensures comfort, but also allows each child to express his or her uniqueness through every piece of clothing. Each piece is carefully hand-picked from a very select few brands we trust. Our brands are clothes-makers who share the same philosophy as us, who take tremendous care in the quality of the fabric they use, and the designs they create.  



Because good things are meant to be shared


We are a team of Singapore-based moms who know what today’s parents are looking for. We take great care in every order, ensuring it is thoughtfully packed and delivered to you every time. We want to make clothing every child a wonderful experience for all.