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The Rabbit in the Hole adventures begin

Fri, 2016-12-23

Hi there, and welcome to Rabbit in the Hole!

The new year marks a new beginning, and to kick-start 2017, we are thrilled to finally launch Rabbit in the Hole.   

Rabbit in the Hole is an online store created with the intention to bring you premium quality clothes in terms of fabric, design and workmanship, at a reasonable price. Because, why should quality clothing be expensive? We got a little tired of searching for premium clothing at a good price, and so we've started this store to bridge the gap between quality and price.

But first, let's just say that although we are an online kids clothing store, our aim is to not only sell you clothes.

We are driven by a strong belief in providing a healthy, loving and safe environment for all children to learn and grow. Our desire is to provide a platform for us to connect with like-minded people, who are just as passionate about children, to share our own stories and experiences in caring for children.

That is why we have created this blog, where we can share our thoughts, experiences and learnings on bringing up children healthily. Whether it's tips on activities to do with your kids, ideas on healthy eating or storybooks and toys that we've used and highly recommend - we hope they will help you along in your parenthood and childcare journey.

Who are we? We are a group of three Singaporean ladies - Mel, Sandra and Joyce. Mel and Sandra are both mothers to two beautiful children each, and Joyce hopes that one day she will also have beautiful children like theirs! Although we definitely won't call ourselves "experts" in childcare or parenthood, we want to do our best. We're sure you share the same desire.

Every child is unique and deserves all the love and care that we can provide them with. Let's start talking about how we can do that!

x Mel, Sandra & Joyce